About BIZROK - Your Dependable Dental Business Consultant

Our purpose is to guide private practice owners and their teams in creating exceptional organizations that dominate their market. We provide our clients with the necessary tools, training, and resources to rise above their competition. Our goal is to be an extension of the practices we work with and make a massive impact within the communities they serve. Our brand promise is to "Be Exceptional!" To us, this means being unique and having the confidence to perform at our very best every single day. We believe our success is your success, and your goals are our goals. Let's work together to create an amazing organization!

Origin Of The BIZROK Name

Lauren and Tim, the founders of BIZROK, often get asked about the origin of their unique brand name. They are firmly grounded in their Christian faith, and the name BIZROK is a combination of two words. The first part of the name, "BIZ," comes from the organization's focus on supporting businesses with their operations and growth strategies. “ROK,” comes from the word "Petra," an archaeological site in present-day Jordan that was used as a trading center during Biblical times. BIZROK was created by combining these two words, and the letter "c" was removed from "rock" to make it more unique for marketing purposes.

Meet Our BIZROK Team

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Tim Johnson,
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

After years of experience in leadership roles as an officer in the Georgia Army National Guard, a fortune 500 corporation, local government positions, and helping build a small startup business, Tim Johnson made the decision to launch BIZROK in 2021 with his wife, Lauren. Providing dedicated and proven business coaching and team training processes, Tim uses his expertise and record of success to help elite dental practice and group owners identify their purpose and goals while training them to cultivate, fine-tune, and prioritize leadership development, personal growth, financial training, and more. Using strategic, tailored plans that meet the unique needs of each client, Tim focuses on creating achievable goals that maximize their dental practice and wealth creation potential.

When he is not helping dental practices succeed, Tim loves spending time with loved ones, running, playing golf, and relaxing at the beach. His favorite way to start his day is with a good run, and he enjoys nothing more than ending it with his family!

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Myriad Services

Lauren Johnson,
Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder

With more than a decade of experience in the medical and dental sectors, in 2021, Lauren Johnson joined forces with her husband, Tim, to create a unique dental coaching system for practice owners. Focused on training teams in language, experience, practice operations, and leadership, she is committed to their success and is passionate about helping them develop and implement the skills necessary to build and maximize business potential. A “champion of the customer,” her wisdom, knowledge, demeanor, and results-focused outlook inspires teams, keeping them positive, engaged, and on task. One of the most sought-after team trainers in the U.S., Lauren is often deemed the virtuoso of any team.

When she is not helping clients, Lauren enjoys traveling, being with family, hosting large gatherings at home, and diving into a good book. One of her favorites is Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success by Adam Grant, which focuses on the impact of interactions and how they can positively and negatively affect your success.

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