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With decades of experience in the financial, medical, and dental sectors, our team specializes in helping single and group practice owners bring their dental business management vision to life. Providing guidance in business operations, workflow optimization, financial management, effective leadership, building a motivated and skilled dental team, patient satisfaction, and so much more, we help our clients gain a strategic edge in the short and long term. If you are committed to standing out in a competitive dentistry landscape, fostering sustainable success, and ensuring a high standard of care for your patients, we are here to help. Connect with us today!

Team Training

The foundation for scaling your business, this program helps you achieve more with:

➤ Tools, training, and resources that develop a leadership structure that supports your practice mission

➤ Established and successful processes that ensure you attract top talent and the patients you want

➤ Step-by-step guidance that enables you to become a more confident and effective communicator

➤ Proven processes that increase your practice’s operational efficiencies

➤ Live, interactive dental business coaching sessions to help you implement the tools and techniques acquired during training with our BIZROK experts.


Practice Operations Support

With accountability processes to ensure the skills learned through training are implemented and followed, this program will:

➤ Help you understand the KPIs (key performance indicators) that matter most

➤ Provide guidance on how to positively impact KPIs and move the needle

➤ Maximize your operational efficiencies

➤ Level up your production with the team and resources you have

➤ Monitor, evaluate, and increase your team performance and engagement

➤ Develop and foster a positive, supportive office culture where communication is prioritized.


Executive Business Coaching

Providing tailored guidance that enables you to achieve your full business potential, Executive Business Coaching:

➤ Delivers insight into how to leverage your practice to achieve your personal and professional goals

➤ Provides you with an executive coach to help you make key business decisions

➤ Discusses strategic steps that will help you increase your wealth

➤ Enables you to make financial decisions that will benefit you in the short and long term

➤ Encourages you to reach your maximum potential.


Practice Mastery Summit

Helping practice owners reach new levels of success with tailored, strategic, and proven processes, our Practice Mastery Summit will enable you to:

➤ Set yourself apart in your community and scale up your practice

➤ Be part of a group of like-minded, growth-oriented practice and group practice owners

➤ Learn how to grow and sustain your business with proven tactics and exercises

➤ Become an intentional leader that prioritizes and inspires your team

➤ Learn how to overcome barriers and experience explosive growth.